The NRA Must Be So Proud


The insane killing spree in Las Vegas must make the folks who shill for the gun makers very happy – almost 600 innocent women, men, and children dead or wounded. Since the purpose of a gun is to kill living beings, the NRA has accomplished its goal: to unleash military carnage right in the center of the “anything goes” gambling capital of the U.S.

Now, after the horrendous shootings there’s the hand-wringing and prayers and questions about why Paddock did it. I don’t give a big rat’s ass about that. I want to talk about HOW the idiot was able to do it. The NRA is how. That organization of evil men who suck on the tits of the gun manufacturers, who make ever more horrible instruments of death and maiming, is to blame.

Since the NRA has terrorized and bought off Congress, nothing ever happens to clamp down on the bastards. Not even the slaughter of twenty children at Sandy Hook could keep the NRA’s putrid hunger for money in check.

The shooter was a big player at the casino, so he was given a free room and he requested one that was high and would give him a great view of the concert. He was able to lug 23 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, twelve rifles with bump stocks, which turned them into machine guns, and AR15 assault rifles with scopes and tripods to hold the stream of slaughter steady. The gunman probably got a hard on when he was watching people die. After all, that’s what guns are for. The nut case owned 47 firearms thanks to the work of the NRA.

And the Repugnant Party’s whine about “politicizing” the horror is just a ploy to shut up folks who want something done about guns. Now, there are fifty-nine human beings dead and five hundred twenty-seven wounded and they repeat the old bullshit: where there’s a will there’s a way. Yep, and the NRA gives them a way, Bleating a constant cry that we must protect the 2nd Amendment but never mentioning that is was created to keep slaves in their place with a well regulated militia. Seems pretty obvious that a gun nut should want a musket to conform to the Amendment. Las Vegas was one of 1,516 mass shootings over the past 1,735 days.

Fully automatic weapons are legal if they were made before 1986. WTF? There are more than 630,000 machine guns in the US and the excuse for them is that they are for “entertainment. Bullshit!                                                                                                                                       Why not masturbate the old way?

It’s no wonder that Paddock lived in Nevada. The state allows the sale of high caliber weapons and ammunition and military-style weapons.

According to the 2nd Amendment we must have a “well regulated militia, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” So gun lovers, get yourself a musket and keep those pesky black folks in line.

Boiling Over

I haven’t spent time writing about the numerous pathetic President wannabees the Repugnant Party trotted out this election cycle because they seemed to dribble out of the Batmobile on their own. Delusion seems to be the common denominator. Ben Carson who told us about his “killer instincts” and thought that was a positive trait in a President and Carly Fiorina who couldn’t distinguish between a film about an aborted fetus and reality…and on and on.

Then I realized that the Repulsive Party has been a cesspool for the past 30 years bubbling with greed, bigotry, hatred and misogyny. A cesspool, according to the dictionary, is an underground container for the temporary storage of liquid waste and sewage, a disgusting or corrupt place.

Bingo! So Herr Drumpf is nothing new. All these disgusting traits boil over all the time in our political life in horribly destructive ways.

Then I got it! Trump personifies and represents all the hateful “values” of the GOP! TRUMP IS A GIGANTIC BOIL ON THE ASS OF THE REBUBLICAN PARTY!

A boil, by definition, is a localized swelling and inflammation of the skin from an infection that has a hard central core and forms pus—called a furuncle. And that pus gushes out of Trump’s mouth every time he opens it. All the loathsome name-calling and lies just come out. And some people believe him!

His latest hateful comments about the Muslim woman whose husband spoke at the Democratic Convention disgust me. The poor woman was too overwhelmed by grief to speak, and that never crossed the mind of Delusional Donald. His pus runneth over.

But, someday, when he meets St. Peter Dumbass Donald will have to cozy up to the fiery furnace and turn on a spit for all eternity. Seems only fitting.


Church and State Separate? Not According to the Repugnant Party

I must confess that, as an old fart, I still read the newspaper. That’s pretty shocking to the young’uns, but I like seeing the news in the old-fashioned way as well as on my computer. But a couple of days ago I looked at the front page of my paper and there was an announcement of a forum of six Republican wannabees at a local church. Now this church was once near us and we often had mailers from it with photos of the pastor and the perfect wife and kids. (But this stopped when it came out the pastor had been screwing several women in the church for years.)

This is a huge church (which a friend laughingly called Fort God and the Hyatt Jesus) that moved north to a bigger location.

Funny thing: the IRS says that a 501 (c) (3) organization cannot participate directly or indirectly in a political campaign or they can lose their tax-exempt status. BUT, a supposedly non-partisan forum can slip by the law. Now, how the hell can six Repugs blathering about their faith and delusions of their ability to be president not be partisan?

John Oliver, of HBO fame, did a marvelous series about mega churches and how they screw people over. He started his own church (so easy to do) called Our Lady of Perpetual Exemptions and asked for money. All his viewers knew it was bullshit, but they sent money and “seed money” for blessings of the Lord. Obviously, he didn’t fear the IRS since none of these mega churches have been audited since 2013.

The big fallout of the extravaganza was all these delusional folks saying that religious liberty is under threat. Really? Maybe it’s the evangelical mindset to constantly say that “they are going to get US”. Or maybe it’s the conservative brain which has a larger amygdala that gets scared so easily.

Now, after a few Internet searches, I’ve found out why that newspaper section smelled of old dead fish: This so-called bipartisan forum was sponsored by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, which was founded by Ralph Reed, that creepy right-wing crook who was so connected with the Jack Abramoff scandals. This group has twisted the poor religious folks for decades. Now they bring these Repugs to Dallas. When the silly six spewed their lies, the floor of the cavernous church probably had to be scrubbed to get rid of the putrid smell.

The gospel at the mega church according to:

Cruz – Religious liberty is under threat. (Where?)

Jeb! – He will work to end the threats to religious freedom. (Guess he believes in myths)

Santorum – He will support strong families. (Say what?)

Huckabee – He says it’s important to have Christian leaders. (Who encourage folks to break the law?)

Fiorina – She’s against abortion. (Wonder where she got the idea that lying about a video against Planned Parenthood was OK)

Carson – He says God saved him from his murderous actions as a teenager. (Maybe he just transferred his stabbing fetish to people’s brains)

Trump didn’t attend, but the preacher, Jack Graham, took a swipe at him saying Dubya did keep us safe. WTF? It happened on Dubya’s watch, stupid.

The crowd just loved all this crap spouted by these pathetic folks who want to lead our country and impose their pathetic ideas on the rest of us. Looks like the Republican Party has outdone itself in showing the world how nutso their candidates are.

Batmobile Vomits Republicans

Well, the lunatics are taking over the asylum, so it’s time to consider what’s happening.

There are lots of references on the Internet that the 17 original right-wingers who think they deserve to be President are clowns in a VW Clown car. Now that would be pretty crowded.  Since all these looneys are rich and think they are entitled to the best of everything, I think the best image is a limo – the Batmobile. I googled limos and this one only costs $4.2 million, but it seemed fitting because this limo is more appropriate for a load of (as we say in Texas) bat-shit crazy wannabees. It also has rocket and missile launchers. which are appropriate for gung-ho hawks who love war. The Batmobile isn’t as maneuverable around a circus ring as a VW, but it does make a statement.

This Presidential election has turned out the weirdest group of Republican egomaniacs yet, and of course, The Donald is the poster boy for nut cases who want to be President. I just can’t understand how some of them could think they should be the Leader of the Free World. Maybe it’s just delusion.

     “Delusional disorder is a type of serious mental illness in which a person cannot tell what is real from      what is imagined. The main feature of this disorder is the presence of delusions, which are unshakable beliefs in something untrue.

The loopy list is long, but the first to exit the Clown Car, of course, was Rick (rhymes with Dick) Perry. Now we Texans know what a conniving and lying phony he is and even the big donors could tell he was a loser so he just ran out of money.

Now, getting out of the Batmobile is a bit torturous, because it’s filled with slimy guano coated with hate, misogyny, and Faux Christianity that clings to them. Seems like the stench would be overpowering when they get out, but lots of pathetic, uninformed folks seem to be attracted to it.

Next on the delete list is, of course, is Scott Walker. He sucked on the Koch Brother’s tit for a long time, but even they finally cut him off. Walker’s “get the Unions stance” and cutting school funding was a disgrace. He is a bumbling candidate and his excuse for quitting was that God “called” him to exit – what a crock!

Now,  on to the next dolt who gets thrown out of the Batmobile.

Big Brother Now Has Two Faces – David & Chuck

One of the more bizarre ascents to power in recent US history is the story of Fred Koch, that pathetic, haunted, and paranoid Big Daddy of the Koch Brothers and Koch Industries. Now, he made his first pile of money in the oil business in Russia, as Stalin’s buddy. Then he went bonkers with the John Birchers who saw Russians as evil incarnate and blamed everything bad in the world on Russia. (Guess gratitude isn’t big in the Koch family.)

Fred seemed to hate absolutely every idea that promoted “the common good”, OR what Jesus taught about love and community. He seemed to be frozen in a time long gone.

Fred even wrote a booklet in which he said that racial segregation was a Commie plot and in the 60s he claimed integration would lead to a “mongrelization” of the races. I think Daddy Fred needed some time in a padded room to work out his delusions. Of course, the Koch brothers try not to show their racism, but Americans for Prosperity, has recently tried to end public school integration in North Carolina. (Hello! This is 2013!)

American for Prosperity is a public cover-up for the Koch boys’ evil schemes. The organization planned the first Tea Party rallies in 2009. Everyone I know thought the Tea Party folks were just old farts railing against the “gumment” and toting their guns. BUT, those sad folks were used to intimidate Democrats and disrupt town hall meetings on health reform. The Kochs set up “grassroots” groups (without a single grassroots member) to fight against a system to address acid rain. They even compared heath reform to the Holocaust. (Now, that is really bat-shit crazy thinking). By big contributions, they even intimidated the Smithsonian Institute into distorting scientific proof of climate change.

The two brothers remind me of Janus, the two-faced Roman God whose one face looked at the past and the other at the future. But I guess the DNA got mixed up and they can only see into the past when the rich controlled politics, business and everything else in the country. Surely, one of the more heinous plots hatched by Dave and Chuck was supporting politicians who pushed through the Citizens United ruling in the Supreme Court so they could give all the money they wanted to undermine the democratic process. Another is lobbying to prevent the E.P.A. from classifying formaldehyde as a known carcinogen in humans because Koch Industries makes so much of it.

David Koch has given millions to good causes to cover up their evil nature. Interestingly, David pompously spoke about his prostate cancer and how he has given so much to cancer research, but the bastard uses his money bludgeon to destroy the environment, which is a probable cause of cancer. It’s all about money, and Koch Industries is one of the top polluters in the country.

Koch tainted money flows to universities to influence them to right-wing ideas and to all kinds of civic programs to make ordinary folks think they are kind and generous. One of their main “generosities” is to looney tunes Republican politicians who want to remove all the regulations that impede their drive to make money, no matter how much mayhem and damage to all of us.

Alice would be right at home in the Koch Industries home office. Surely, there are lots of mean-spirited fruitcakes scurrying around like the rats that they are, but the sociopaths at the top of the pecking order are straight out of Wonderland. Just thinking about their karma is a hoot – surely they will come back as piss ants and be stomped on again and again for all eternity.

Tampons, Maxi-pads and Guns, Oh MY!

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to sit down and write about the insane behavior of our so-called politicians here in Texas. I’m embarrassed beyond words that even Republican nutcases could come up with this shit.

After Gov. Rick (rhymes with Dick) Perry called another special session of the Lege on July 13, apparently some of the scared little twits in the Republican membership got spooked by all the wild, unpredictable, hormone-driven women who shut down the previous vote on two hateful bills meant to control women’s lives. Soooo, they decided to have forty State Troopers in the Gallery to control any uppity women who were able to be seated there.

But before women could enter the gallery, my tax dollars were actually spent to pay troopers to search purses and bags for TAMPONs and MAXI-PADs because some unhinged female might throw them at the Legislators. Now, that’s a jaw-dropping, hysterical and paranoid decision – I fell out of my chair laughing!

BUT, it was perfectly OK for anyone (maybe even women) who had a Concealed Handgun License to bypass everyone else to get into the Capital and then into the Senate Gallery. The image of the Macho Texan took a pretty good hit on this one, since the Lege seemed to be more afraid of Tampons than of bullets. (I wonder if women who had a License got to sail right by the search party?) All this craziness seems to have missed a fact that some women might have had a Tampon in a secret hidden place. The male Lege apparently didn’t know that women are careful with money and if they wanted to throw something they would never have wasted a new Tampon – they would have flung a used one!

One of the best viral photos on the Internet about all this crazy shit was of a woman with a string of Tampons, strings hanging, draped across her chest like an ammunition belt – a not-so-subtle statement about elections to come.

During the session wonderful, courageous women were raising hell in the Rotunda again and singing “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You”, and so were the “eyes” of the rest of the country.

All this seems to have opened another pocket of Wonderland where the Wizard of Oz, a total fraud, aka Rick (rhymes with Dick) Perry, a blowhard if there ever was one, is behind the curtain making scary noises, smoke, and crazy statements while Dorothy (Wendy Davis) “outed” the Wizard and stopped him. It may be a coincidence that Perry has now announced that he won’t seek re-election, but I like to think Wendy clicked the heels of her ruby slippers and Perry went Poof!

The Republican War on Women – Texas Style

Just when I think the looney tunes here in Texas can’t come up with more reprehensible shit, they prove me wrong. Good ole Rick (rhymes with Dick) Perry and his cohorts thought up a bill that would essentially close down more of the medical facilities for women in Texas. They have already closed about half of the places where poor women can get health care.

This bill is an appalling political move to take control of women’s bodies by appealing to extremist anti-abortion voters to get their votes. They say they want to protect women, but, from my perspective of 80 plus years I find that prurient is a good word to describe the Repugnant Republicans who take up space in our pathetic Legislature here in Texas. According to the dictionary prurient is “having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters” (synonyms are lascivious, salacious, lewd, and lecherous), which makes sense, since so many Republican issues basically have to do with control: wanting to stop abortion, to make birth control illegal, and to close clinics and organizations that provide health care for poor women. These MEN bluster and pontificate about how much they care about women, but they are mortally afraid of women (perhaps because of performance anxiety?), and they seem to have a horrid need to control us.

Bringing up a bill that would possibly close almost all of the abortion clinics in Texas because they must be regulated to protect women is plain bullshit – the clinics are already well regulated!
(And requiring abortions to be done at a surgical clinic won’t help women – just Perry’s sister, who will make money on the provision.) How’s that for a snaky Governor! This muddled, fuzzy thinking is very prevalent with Repubs and it really shines in the statement by Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, who pontificated that women who are raped don’t get pregnant because “rape kits allowed women to get cleaned out.” Now, that kind of stupid shit could make any sane person want to puke!

This time by putting the bill at the end of the session the Repubs really stepped in a steaming pile when it opened up the possibility of a filibuster. And into that gaping hole stepped the perfect Democrat to stop the nonsense – Senator Wendy Davis – in her pink running shoes! She stood for eleven hours and drove the Repugs crazy and inspired folks all over the world. They thought she could be stopped, but the orange-wearing women in the gallery took over when one of the Republicans tried to stop her and shouted the weasels down until the clock ran out. Meanwhile, outside in the rotunda hundreds of women, watched over by a portrait of Ann Richards – the only good Governor we’ve had in years, began screaming, shouting, and stomping. I’m sure the disgusting bullies in the Senate got pretty nervous about all those uppity women and probably had visions of torches and pitchforks coming after them.

Wendy Davis was an instant sensation around the world, and 200,000 folks watched the victory for choice online. After rigging the clock about the end of the session didn’t work, ole Rick (rhymes with Dick), Perry called another special session, which will cost us poor Texas taxpayers millions of dollars.

Well, the good news is the perverted, wimpy, and twisted members of the Lege have stirred up a hornet’s nest that will bite them in the ass at election time.

BTW, I was too old to go to Austin, but I got my pink Wave Riders and I STAND WITH WENDY!